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Voice Recorder Android app "CatchVoice", - Listen, Catch, Share

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This app is a voice recorder.
This provides following functions useful for voice recorder.

  • When you start recording during call, this records call communication.
  • As this records where you paused, you can skip to the place during play.
  • The slower play helps you to make documents based on the record such as tape transcription.
  • The faster play enables you to listen record in shorter time.
  • This provides "normalize volume " to adjust volume of record.
  • You can record into wave format. You can play both wave and MP3 format.
  • You can convert wave format into MP3 format.
  • This can insert a few seconds silence when you pause to find pause point later.
  • You can change pitch lower/higher.
  • This provides voice changer functions and you can enjoy it.
The above functions helps voice recorder, tape transcription and so on.
You can also enjoy voice changer for fun.
I'd appreciate it if you could let me know your way of enjoying this app.

We also provide Trial version for user to check this app on your own device.
In this trial version, you can handle only five files, but other functionality is same as paid version. I'd appreciate it if you could buy this app after you evaluate with trial version.

These are screenshots.

Please see Privacy Policy for recording functionality.

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