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Android app "CaraOK" - Sing, Sing, Sing Karaoke

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This app is an application to practice KARAOKE using audio files in your smart phone.
(Supported format is MP3 or WAV.)
By using artist and title embeded in MP3 file, you can easily find lyrics for songs.
Please change pitch if it is higher or lower than your way.
This supports to change pitch from octave higher to octave lower.
You can also reduce vocal part like KARAOKE.
If you practice the same song many times, it is good to clip the song with the lyrics page.
I'd appreciate it if you could let me know your way of enjoying this app.

We also provide Trial version for user to check this app on your own device.
In this trial version, you can clip only one, but other functionality is same as paid version. I'd appreciate it if you could buy this app after you evaluate with trial version.

These are screenshots.

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