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The followings are the list of games.

Slide Puzzle This is a Slide Puzzle. Please complete the image by sliding tiles. There is 2 mode, 4x4 and 5x5.
Mosaic Guess its name with "mosaiced" image. You can remove mosaic gradually.
Open panels Guess its name with a part. You can open image gradually.
Swirl Guess its name with swirled image.
Scratch Scratch and guess its name.
Color Filters Guess its name with less colors.
Glance Guess its name with a glance.
In the water The image looks in the water. Guess its name in deeper level.
Peeping Guess its name by peeping. You can peep by touch or pinch-out.
Flash Guess its name in a flash.
Pop art Guess its name in a "pop art" image. This is based on the touched part, or whole image.
Blach hole Guess its name in a black hole.
Match Guess its name with the light in match. Show image with the light of match by swipe
Slice Guess its name with sliced image.
Rainbow trace Guess its name through rainbow trace.
Stained glass Guess its name from "stained glass" image.
Ripple Guess its name through ripple.

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