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Top 1 Italia Italia
Chris Botti (2007-10-02)
CDN$ 8.90

Top 2 Impressions Impressions
Chris Botti (2012-04-17)
CDN$ 6.44

Top 3 TIME OUT (180G) (Vinyl) TIME OUT (180G) (Vinyl)
DAVE QRT BRUBECK (2012-11-06)
CDN$ 21.98

Top 4 Blue (Vinyl) Blue (Vinyl)
Joni Mitchell (1987-11-17)
CDN$ 27.44

Top 5 Meaning To Tell Ya Meaning To Tell Ya
Molly Johnson (2018-05-11)
CDN$ 13.81

Top 6 Moondance (vinyl) Moondance (vinyl)
Van Morrison (2009-04-23)
CDN$ 33.74

Top 7 Pieces of a Man (Vinyl) Pieces of a Man (Vinyl)
Gil Scott-Heron (2014-03-04)
CDN$ 28.21

Top 8 After Bach After Bach
Brad Mehldau (2018-03-09)
CDN$ 16.24

Top 9 Both Sides Now Both Sides Now
Joni Mitchell (2000-02-28)
CDN$ 8.26

Top 10 Getz / Gilberto (Vinyl) Getz / Gilberto (Vinyl)
Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto (2014-11-17)
CDN$ 20.76

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